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About Us

Discover what makes us the best choice when you want to book a holiday to the island paradise of Mauritius!

The Barefoot Travel Group was founded by Rosie and Derek Palframan in 2006. After more than 20 years in senior management positions in prominent South African travel companies (including car rental firms, airlines, hotel groups and retail travel agencies) we saw that a gap existed in the market for a niche specialist tour operator that didn't try to sell every destination on the planet (and in the process did it badly)

So rather than being all-rounders knowing "a little about a lot" of destinations, we'd instead prefer to be specialists who know "a lot about a little"

Derek & Rosie Palframan
Just Mauritius Owners

So rather than being all-rounders knowing “a little about a lot” of destinations, we'd instead prefer to know “a lot about a little”. We aim to be specialists - true destination experts able to give customers the benefit of our in-depth knowledge of destinations and lodges that we are personally passionate about!

The recipe of specialization has worked - so much so that the we have rolled out 3 different websites selling 3 very different products with 3 separate and dedicated teams of expert consultants: there’s BAREFOOT BREAKS which specialises in chic and intimate beach lodges in the Indian Ocean; then there’s JUST MAURITIUS, perennially one of the Top 5 sellers of Mauritius holidays in South Africa; and finally there’s BUSHSCAPES which focuses on top Southern African game lodges.

Call one of our dedicated consultants today so that they can give you the expert advice and service you demand!